Important TMSA Announcement

In order to provide vessel operators with a single application with which to access and update both their TMSA and SIRE fleet information, the TMSA system is being integrated directly into the SIRE application.

From the 1st February 2017, the existing TMSA application ( will no longer be used to update an Operators TMSA document.

All Technical Vessel Operators will be required to link their existing TMSA accounts to their SIRE accounts. From that point onwards all functionality required to create, manage and publish an Operators TMSA document will be available from within the SIRE application only.

If your organisation does not currently have an OCIMF SIRE account you will need to register as a SIRE operator.
Please Click Here to register.

Please Note: Your company IMO Number is required to successfully complete the association of your TMSA account with your SIRE account. Please ensure that your company IMO number is available when performing the link between your TMSA and SIRE accounts.

Please visit the SIRE website to complete your import process.